Discover the power of small, daily decisions

We empower you to make small, yet impactful decisions that can greatly impact your financial well-being. With the daily, weekly, and monthly cash disbursement options, you'll save money and have immediate access to funds when you need them most.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Finances

Maximize the benefits of your hard-earned money. Our user-friendly app provides you with a range of features, including goal-setting and flexible budgets, ensuring you stay on track and avoid any unexpected financial shocks. Gain financial security and make the most out of your financial resources.


Few Easy Steps and Done


MoneyBag acts as the centralized vault in the Everyday Money App, enabling flexible and personalized disbursements. Your deposited funds securely reside in the MoneyBag, serving as the basis for efficient daily cash distributions.

Locked goals

With Locked Goals, users can strive towards specific financial objectives through a dedicated savings feature. Once funds are allocated, they remain inaccessible until the desired milestone is achieved, promoting a disciplined and focused approach to savings.

Flexible goals

Flexible Goals provide users with a versatile savings option that can be customized to meet changing needs and preferences. Unlike Locked Goals, they offer the flexibility to adjust savings targets, timelines, and contribution amounts, allowing individuals to adapt their strategy and pursue financial goals with personalized precision.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Everyday Money?

Everyday Money is a budgeting app that helps users achieve their financial goals. Its budgeting tools help users create a disbursement and saving plan that works with their lifestyle.

What Makes Everyday Money Unique?

Everyday Money stands out with its distinctive feature of automated daily cash disbursement. With the flexibility to choose daily, weekly, or monthly disbursements based on your savings, it ensures a consistent flow of funds. The app simplifies expense tracking, helps control unnecessary spending, and enables users to save even after accounting for expenses. Experience the convenience of Everyday Money and achieve your financial goals effortlessly.

What is MoneyBag?

MoneyBag serves as the central vault for your funds in the Everyday Money App, ensuring seamless and flexible disbursement according to your preferences. When you deposit money into your Everyday Money App, it securely resides in your MoneyBag. This serves as the source from which your daily cash disbursements are conveniently processed, providing you with the financial freedom you deserve.

What are Locked Goals?

Locked Goals represent a dedicated savings option that enables users to work towards specific financial objectives with utmost discipline. Once funds are allocated to a Locked Goal, they are inaccessible until the desired financial milestone is achieved. While this commitment ensures focused savings, it's essential to note that premature withdrawal from a Locked Goal incurs a breaking fee. This fee serves as a reminder to stay committed to your goals and maintain the intended savings goal.

What are Flexible Goals?

Flexible Goals provide users with a versatile approach to saving and achieving their financial aspirations. With Flexible Goals, individuals have the freedom to adjust their savings targets, timelines, and contribution amounts as needed, allowing for greater adaptability. Unlike Locked Goals, which restrict access to funds until a specific milestone is reached, Flexible Goals offer the convenience of accessing your savings whenever necessary. Whether you encounter unexpected expenses or decide to reallocate funds for a different financial goal, Flexible Goals empower you to make adjustments without incurring breaking fees or penalties.

How to Activate Daily Cash Disbursement.

To initiate your daily disbursement, begin by providing an estimated monthly expense amount. Once you input this figure into your plan, the system automatically calculates a corresponding daily disbursement amount for you. Rest assured, this approved daily amount will be seamlessly transferred to your bank account.

Can I choose any amount to disburse at a time?

Yes, you can! You just have to make sure that is the money you will be needing every day, weekly or monthly according to your plan.

What if I don't need cash disbursed to me on a particular day?

On days when you don't need cash disbursed to you, you can easily skip your automated cash disbursement and continue when you need it.

Why BVN?

Your bank verification number (BVN) is required to validate your identity. It also helps facilitate the funds' transfer to your moneybag and ensures a level of security for your funds and transactions.